Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oh-es-em arghhh-tree!

dulu 'oh-si-es'.. and now i'm working on 'oh-es-em' (ohsem?! wtf!).. actually i tensi jap waiting for shakeout completion.. so i just blabbing here for a while to fill my free time here in level 22..

ey ey.. sedar tak sedar dah nak dekat setahun kat a-si-en ni.. hahaha.. sienzzzzz!.. keje mcm biasa la.. as usual like compudyne.. (i heard that compudyne is much more tuffer & struggle with the recent project).. agak penat sket.. but i do enjoy my work.. SOMETIME la.. but sometime.. i totally hate it!! :P (who does really love his job 100%.. please come & i'll willing to invite u here)..

btw.. CONGRATULATION TO NEWLY WED COUPLE : SHAHRIN & LINA.. semoga happy, enjoy till the end.. nice wedding man.. delicious foods.. aku sampai curi caramel meja sebelah.. hahaha.. :) and sorry cos aku buat kecoh jap dalam hall malam tu.. dah lama xbuat perangai la katakan.. :)

so.. the end. time to sleep.. hopfully not in this office! :)