Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mid 2010.. Continue..

after a few mths.. found out that I lari dr mulut singa.. n masuk mulut boye.. :p (as shahrin said b4.. he never said it's gonna b easy choice) hahaha.. my working life is not gonna change i think.. much more hectic.. n learn so many things.. but.. it still a better choice as for myself. (pray to God that it will always be a better one).. experience.. is priceless.. jump out from safe-zone.. is a adventurous.

a thots b4 going to sleep : life's wont be as simple as 123.. options will never meant to be good for you & me.. happy will not always be there for you & me.. sadness/sorry/in-denial.. for sure they are waiting you & me to have them on ur mind.. past will always haunting you & me.. but present.. and future.. is what all of us have.. and what we all will have.. it's both certain & uncertain.. so.. believe on it.. don't lose faith.

daa~ hopfully.. tommorow is a shiny day.. sunshine.. bright my day up.

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nadieeyya said...

keje mane skrg bro???