Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Achievement as of May 2010

Btw, happy labour day. (tak terlambat, hopefully)..

well you know la kan.. ai busy berborak ngan ikan-ikan kat redang..
ber-belaian pepasiran pantai..
ber-santaian (sun-bathing) kat marine park..
and x peduli ler what's happening in KL..
dabel-terabel ke.. crocs warehouse sale ke..
aussino warehouse sale ke..
ai-pi man 2 ke.. ai-yen man 2 ke..

that's what we call.. another great experience.. eversince i was born.. :p
for the first time in 26 years.. i have this kind of vacation

a big thanks to azlan & farhan..
everyone oso..



myooh said...
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myooh said...

bro eepmann bro bukan i.p man.

nway cam best jek redang...n welcome back..hehe

iQbaL radzuan said...

saje provoke org-org yg sebut I.P man.. :p

ezam said...

besttttttttnya coti kan....

dh sangap abesss nieh kojo malam2 tidur tak kecukupan~