Monday, April 12, 2010

It Has Been A While

After a long posting-break.

[Repeat title pls].. since I have a new partners for myself.

Blackberry Bold 9000 (Since November 2009)
Electrolux Rapido 2 in 1 (Since December 2009)
Sony Cybershot WX-1 (Since March 2010)

I feel alive then. My life seems a bit complete with this 'guys'.
A bit only la.. got more things to buy liao..
Still being the no-money-gadget-seeker
(thanks to SonyStyle Visa Card)

A lil bit convenient to keep-in-touch and be in the loop,
a lil bit eas
y for me & abah for doing dust-sucking,
a lil bit enjoying to snap a quite good pictures.

Enjoying my life every single seconds with all my 'partners'.

Apparently, I do have a real one now. ^^"

(entah betul ke idak la english aku ni.. no improvement liao..
someone pls send me back to std 1 english class)

Upcoming Stuff : Oakley Half Wire 2.0. WTF!


akiss ferrero. said...

gmba awek baru xletak pulak? lol =p

iQbaL radzuan said...

aku wat hidden.. cuba tekan alt+f4 masa ko kat page blog aku.. :p

akiss ferrero. said...

agak2 la bal, mcm la aku bute it sangaaaat

iQbaL radzuan said...

saje je.. nak cuba2 test ilmu IT ko.. :p

ezam said...

waaaaaa dalam hati suda ada tamannn...

patotlah lama tak hapdet blog...

iQbaL radzuan said...

mahal betol taman2 ni..

akiss ferrero. said...

no need lar nk test2 iQ n iT aku..bwerrkhh... i know everthing... wahahahahah

iQbaL radzuan said...

u know everything eh.. ok2.. will se abt that. :p

Trans Bagwell said...

peehh... hati tisu dh skrg ekk.. :p xleh kaco lebey2 dah la ni.. c(: keokeokeo..~