Sunday, January 24, 2010


Tggu la project phase 3 ni da settle.. (hopefully takde reverse-deployment).
Then aku nak paint-ball.. then aku nak p pantai..
(byk plak kerja2 org lain mintak tolon aku yg aku lama pending.. so kalo bule.. i'll fulfill it)
then aku nak relaks. :)

Penat la hai :(

Afterwards.. kerja dah x macam dulu lagi.. insyaAllah.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wishlist 2010

Happy New Year friends!

2010 with 10 wishlists / resolutions. (excluding products / gadgets wishlist). Thank you.

1. An apartment (well-maintained & absolutely with a parking lot)
2. A proper hall & kitchen (if I still can't acquire the above)
3. A nice-sporty partner (replacing Fishy: only-if i got the 1st with a better place to park)
4. A better-paid and more-travelling job / new-interesting tasks with a better workplace.
5. A happy & healthy way of life (be a morning person & family man.. semayang jgn tinggal pelis)
6. A good communication skills & anger management
7. A certification & acknowledgment
8. Try to make the missing (I lost the money.. dunno where they go lar) & total expenses (This one I owes know I've spent it.. but still effin too much!!.. how come i wanna save for my apartment meh?!) values reduce time to time. (These are the values that MS Excel always help to calculate for me DAILY.) be more calculative.
9. A enjoying-and-good travel and time-spending (most probably with friends)
10. A girlfriend? Hell-NO! Break for a while I think. (Metal pun ada hati dan perasaan?!!) Try tgok heavy-metal bule tukar jadi senti-metal ke tidak.. kalo hati & perasaan sendiri asyik kena main! Hahaha.. tak bole bla gak! (Tiru

Past is past. I'm very clear now on my aim to be a a good son, nice-banker brother, happy-to-be-with friend and co-worker, and absolutely a person (not a keyboard-typing-machine or tears-dropping-machine). 2009 was a failure (I consider..), but I owes pray that.. 2010 could give me so much fun & differences.

Enjoy with your own resolutions & happy new year again.

p/s: ari ni bangun lambat.. ada lagi 364 hari lagi nak jadi morning person. wadepak!