Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cuba Teka

Di mana kah kami sempat berbuka secara terkejut beruk
dan juga terbahak-bahak gelak-gelak?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rumah Bogel

Jgn prasangka buruk ngan title post ini.

Rumah aku sudah di'bogel'kan pakaian nyer. Langsir suma sudah dihantar ke Elloque Kleenz. (promote sket ni.. bule bagi diskaun 15% yer kak eh!)

Huhu.. raya nak dekat.. another spring cleaning coming this Friday. :)

September 2009

Sigh. Went back through Ramadhan that I used to have before.. and I guess this is the most simplest and empty one for me.

This year.. I only have my fam for usual berbuka pose with.. it was not like before when I used to have more than them. As previous years, Compudyne set-up pose working time (0830 - 1630) but when clock ticks 1630.. I dunno whether I should go back early or just stay up in the office until Maghrib. That's the routine that I'd to see in my current life. I preferred to go back late doing work (sometime x buat keje pon) rather than go back early.. and taking risk of fall asleep in Fishy in the traffic jam.. and usually, having break-fast with Roti John in front of Bravia that playing the torrent-ed movies. Which is I used to have it all alone sometime. Owh~

Raya da nak dekat. and as usual.. I dunno why I owes teringat Raya tahun 2006.. there was a sad n happy story that time. Raya-raya seterusnya.. sampai lah raya tahun ni.. owh~~ hati mesti rasa sayup bila takbir malam raya. By the way.. never have a free time pon nak jejak mana-mana shopping complex for Raya shopping tahun nie. adeh~.. wiken ni last nak shopping.. tp cam bz plak ngan CS110 break-fast event.. nak service Fishy and Ruffus lagi.. berbuka ngan whole fam lagi.. adeh~ sempat kot.. if it's not.. it looks like.. aku beraya ngan baju gelebeh lagi la tahun nie.. (thinking about buying a new Baju Melayu yg kinda fit ngan badan aku yg makin kering.. n songkok yg baru juga.. tidak mahu ketat2 lagi.. sbb aku ni besar kepala..)

and for my lovely nephew and niece.. (2 org je pon) poket uncle anja kamu agak kurang hebat seperti raya tahun lepas.. hahaha.. sian Riyadh.. x merasa poket uncle anja raya tahun nie.. huhuhu.. xpe2.. uncle try kawtim ngan CEO.. mintak uit raya untuk anda berdua.. hahaha.. and disebabkan dah ada 2 org.. anda berdua tidak la semasyuk dulu yer.. having it all.. shared! haa.. ada lagi.. 2 org hero kat USJ nun.. hahaha.. masak toke!! tunggu uncle jadi cam GM Sa'imah.. baru korang sume bule dpt mcm2.. lol'ed~ (i guess.. my life will end up like maksu.. mengenjoykan diri sendiri and life anak2 sedara.. until I get old.. alone..) sigh~

Okes~~ azan subuh da.. solat n sambung tido.. kul 830 gerak bangun..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fishy Gonna Xplod

Upcoming stuff : MOMO Millenium.

Note: Tp fishy still lagi max speed 120-130km/h.. sigh :p

Friday, September 4, 2009

Changing Layout?

Thinking about changing the layout. :? But I loved this one.. (I owes loves things that I like) oni got bugs here and there..
Since I got plenty of free-time.. Maybe I will think about it.

The date is just around the corner, pelis.. I don't want to cross my mind with the same ol' bullshits.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Moment of Meeting Ol' Friends

After all that happen before, alhamdulillah, finally, I have my chance to fly over the clouds.. at sumwhere 34K feet above the sea level (betul ke aku dengar pilot tuh ckp) for a so-called 1st time in my life. (The last time was masa baby kot.. arwah mama ckp.. aku kuat melalak masa tuh.. huhu..) But it's different this time. I try to act cool.. walaupon ada cuak2 sket.. jakon tahap gaban.. n still rasa bersedih.. when I'm hoping that I can sit next to someone that I've failed to fly with before and to experience every moment of this journey with. So, I point up my eyes outside the window throughout the flight.. memorizing each moment.. until I safely arrived Kuching.

Night 1 :
Meet Tajul @ Kuching International Airport around 1900. Feel the excitement.. memijak lantai airpot negeri lain. Carrying bags here n there.. rasa cam tourist plak kan. Wait for kereta sewa in front of the departure. Kinda sad, because we did not have chances to have a proper car for our holiday. (Next time, aku trun Sandakan ke.. mana2 ke.. ingat request aku Jul.. aku nak keta yg proper.. buka pintu.. kuarkan kaki.. suma awek mesti pandang bulu kaki aku k.. lagi bagos.. kalo keta tuh keta ko! :p ) Tp xperla.. da xde rezki.. so we just went around Kuching, and as usual.. when these 2 brothers meetup.. we will never stop night-crawl again! Go here n there.. and stopped at Nasi Ayam Penyek beside Masjid Negeri kot.. then sahur Nasi Ayam Penyek ngan sudu n garfu. (Tajul said.. this is his 1st-time to see someone eat nasi ayam penyek ngan fork n spoon. lol'ed)

Day 1 :
As usual, we woke up around 11 and took a sampan ride across the river to go to Tajul's working places : SK Bako. I did experience it for a 1st time.. took a 30cents sampan ride, which is a daily public transportation for Tajul to go to work. Crossing a river that can be so-called highway for this suburban area, inside of it.. there a few deadly-crocs swimming under it. (There are stories here.. one of them is there were 2 children playing nearby this river. Sorg p swim dalam sungai.. n sorg lagi takut n just play around at the river-side. Nak dikatakan ajal.. the one that main kat tepi sungai tuh la yg mati di baham buaya.) After taking a few shots of SK Bako and nearby houses and field.. we went out to the same ol places.. Petra Jaya, Pasar Satok, Waterfront, looking for nice places and souvenirs.

Night 2 :
Berbuka di Saddad Restaurant, after failed to find a proper restaurant utk berbuka di area pekan. Choosed to have a ramadhan-buffet for RM15/pax. Nice foods served but comes with a bad services. (Kuih bakar dah abis.. diorg x mao refill.. pastuh lembap sket nak refill mee goreng biasa tuh.. hehehe.) Then p Pasar Satok.. bought some aquarium-fish for Tajul n friends' final contribution to SK Bako. Lepak Bimmers Cafe and balik rumah sambung chat ngan Tajul pasal life. Continue reminiscing old things. (Mcm girls talk plak.. wahahaha..) and talk about Tajul's marriage end of this year. (Aku plak jadi best-man dia.. cibai.. saje je nak wat wa hati nangis ye Jul.. no problem.. kawan nye pasal.. wa ok je.)

Day 2 :
Went to Pasar Satok to buy Terubuk Masin, Kuih Cincin, Halus Ngitai, Kek Lapis.. wahahaha.. (sampai berat beg aku dibuat nyer.. sumbat 9kg of foods in a simple-balik-kg bag.. carried by 'thinny' and small hand here.. oh.. so cute.. terhoyong hayang bila berjalan ke plane.). Walking by Waterfront again looking around for souvenirs and then went to Spring Shopping Complex for berbuka (shopping complex yg paling complete di area Kuching la ni.. hehe.. dah mcm Tropicana Mall je aku tgok.. huhuhu)

Night 3 :
Lepak2 tgok wayang dalam building yg paling ceria di Waterfront (jenuh contractor nak cat building ni.. berapa byk kaler da building ni) and then moved to KFC in front Tun Jugah building to have a Merdeka moment in Kuching. Nothing special when the clock ticks on 12am.
Just a disco beat of Merdeka song, entertains me n Tajul.. sambil melantak set berbuka pose ayam KFC. (Bulan pose kot.. tp ok la gak.. org kuar masuk disko.. hawt2 suma nye.. da lama x bwat perangai camni.. hahaha). Dah kenyang ngan dosa.. so kitorg balik tido :|

Final Day :
Again, went around Pasar Satok and Waterfront, try to complete the order list and sumbat full beg balik kg yg murah itu. Headed to Spring again, read some books and walk around.. nak ckupkan timing nak sampai airport. Arrived airport ngam2 soi nak buka.. berbuka ngan McD Value Meal. Shocking moment when we met up Almy Marliana.. our old friends back to 2001 when we were in the same tuition centre and then Tajul saw his friends who just arrived from KL.. This one girl named Huda.. who attract me when she smiles and made me remember of someone that I just lost. Sigh.. Beauty, chubby, sweet, fair.. just like her. (Tajul and I loled!! Very loud.. when Tajul asked me "Ko rasa dia ni cam siapa?" and I answered "Macam Syida la bro" and he spontaneously loled at me and said "Jawapan ko mmg x bule blah la bro!! Wahahahaha" and I lol'ed too..) but really.. Tajul agreed with me when I explained my answer a bit further.. why Huda is just like Syida? (but still.. I still cant lie to myself.. I don't need Huda or anyone else or anything else to keep the memory of her in me)

And that's it. The final jack-ass moment of Tajul n iQbaL in public.. (we still being jerk around peoples.. even da reach 25yrs old.. we still doing our own habits.. xde manner betul.. myb lepas ko da kahwin.. everything will slows down kot) and after a bit last chat and frendly hug.. I flew back to KL after flight delayed. Picked up by Black Mivec and lepaking at SS15 Subang and arrived at home after speed up to 160km/h.

I guess.. that's my story for now. Hope that this wud be interesting after all post since last 5mths. Thanks for reading.

p/s: Aku x beli gambir yer.. pada sape yg gatal kirim tuh.. mintak maaf.. saya segan nak beli.. wahahaha.. :">

cable tiada (ilang masa kat kuching kot).. so photos will be uploaded later..