Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Hero

Venue : Hospital Pakar An-Nur, Bandar Baru Bangi
Date : 10th January 2009

Congratulating my brother and sister for a cute and sweet little hero that was born on 10 January 2009. His name is Muhammad Riyadh Irfan bin Mohamed Ridzal which contains 40 chars which possibly could cause this boy to being lazy to write his own name in PTS exam paper. LOL. Kemunculan budak comey ni sedikit sebanyak menambahkan geng2 bermain utk kawan-kawan nye yang lain spt Hafeey, Hareez and Khaleeda. Myb I miss somore lil boys and girls out there. Cool. I'm enjoying looking at his face at the moment he was born that day. I hope.. with this new members, could bring joys and hapiness to both Ridzal and Intan.. and Abah of course punya.

Enjoy a few shot 'murah' on Ridayh. See ya!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

Happy new year.

Not-very-late wishes to all of my frens. I think. Myb ada yang sudah berenjoy sakan tgok fireworks.. lepak2 minum.. long hols.. as usual.. ujung tahun.. and waiting for a new year to come again with a another promising reso..

For those who got a new jobs.. got a new cars.. got a new things for another year of life.. I wish yall congratulations. For those yang x dpt achieve pape tahun ni.. no problem.. yall not alone.. and put much more efforts for what you want for last year and get it done this new year. Insya-Allah.. bule dapat apa je korang nak kalo effort tuh ada.

As for me, last year dapat gak fulfil sket2 wishlists and ada gak yang miss target.. mostly not on my wishlist.. but then on my way of becoming a gud person, gud workers, gud son and a gud boyfren. Looks like I'm a slow walker in my living path.. Compare with others.. Aku miss banyak benda.. Just hope that there's still a chance for me to create another path - go thru back what I've done before.. and move on to a better path for my career, life and future. And I can go fast like Ruffus..catch every in my back.. and go thru a better life. I Hope So.

Last but not least, Happy New Year. Again.