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Work-Life Balance: Pipe Dream or Possibility?

Memandangkan ramai yang tgh pening2 kepala memikirkan apa yang patut kita bwat bila masa bos korg suh keje lewat2 malam.. baik baca sket artikle ni.. agar masing2 sedar kepentingan keseimbangan dalam hidup.. agak2 kalo x seimbang.. p timbang balik kat mesin timbang ikan Ah Chai pasar borong Selayang

by Molly Luffy (from

So which is it? A pipe dream or a possibility?
For those of you who haven't recently experienced the joy of a balanced life, then I can guess your answer. It's probably "pipe dream." Or is it "pipe dream you stupid *#+#@#$%!" If it's the second then you need this article worse than I thought!!

But even if you think it's a pipe dream and even if you think I'm crazy for suggesting that it's a possibility, there may still be hope for you. You know you can achieve anything in life if you really, really want it. And my guess is that many of you really, really want a work/life balance.

So what do you need to do to achieve this wonderful state? Well, as with achieving any goal, it's gonna take some hard work, ingenuity and a serious commitment to making it happen. The busy professionals (let's call them stars for fun) I know who have successfully integrated their work and life outside of work take this whole balance thing very seriously. They are super-successful but yet they aren't at the office 12 hours a day. They're at home with their kids, or helping their aging parents or volunteering for their favorite charities or even out taking rumba lessons! "How do they do it?" you ask.

They are super organized

You won't find piles of papers and file folders strewn about their work areas. No way. They keep their offices filed, clean, and organized. And no - it is not because they all have secretaries. In act, many of them don't. They understand how much time they save by staying organized, so they have made it a way of life.

At any given time you can go to these people, ask them for something and they can find it in under a minute. Do you know how much time is wasted looking for work-related items that are improperly filed? A ton!

So just get organized. Read a book about it. Implement the basics. For example when you are opening mail, make a decision on the spot about each piece you touch. Don't let junk mail take up precious real estate in your office. Dump it already!!

They don't let anyone manage their time

Stars who have achieved "the balance" are masters at setting boundaries. Think you'll talk one of them into some non-essential use of company time. Not! Don't try and talk one of these guys into taking over that project you don't feel like doing. It's not gonna happen. Stars are really good at saying "no;" a lesson many people have yet to learn. They set their course and deviate from it only when absolutely necessary. Like when their boss wants them to do something.

Now I'm not saying that the stars are all duds and never spend a social minute at work. They do. But they don't do it a lot. And you won't catch them getting involved in idle gossip. You see they are on a mission to be efficient (remember efficient does not equal corporate stooge) at work and lollygagging around the water cooler just doesn't fit into their plan.

They are ingenious

The stars are constantly looking for ways do things better, faster, cheaper, more efficiently. This not only helps them to get their job done more quickly but demonstrates to their boss a constantly improving performance level.

They understand the delicacy of "the balance"

Achieving the balance is like walking a tightrope. One false move and it's splat-city, baby. And believe me, stars don't want splat-city, so they are very careful to walk the tightrope carefully. Stars are constantly analyzing projects, people, meetings, opportunities, to see if they will potentially lead to splat-city. If there is even a chance that it will, they will avoid the splat-inducing situation at all costs.

They are committed to the balance

Most stars who have achieved "the balance" have experienced a time in their life when things were terribly out of balance. They were living in splat-city full time. They understand the cost of living in that nasty place. They know that it costs them their sanity, their relationships with spouse, kids, friends, their health. And the list goes on and on.

But something happened to these stars and they were able to move forward and get to the place of balance. And believe me...they don't wanna go back.

So they have committed to doing what it takes to stay in balance. They are ever-mindful of staying in balance. The minute they forget their commitment, they lose their footing and get another taste of splatsville. But not for long. They re-commit and proceed more committed than ever before! They are like balance groupies. They love it and can't get enough of it!

So...what do you think? Are you ready to throttle our stars, or are you ready to join their ranks and reap the rewards that they enjoy on a daily basis. It's your decision, of course, but I say you should go for it. You can do it if you want it bad enough.

Now go out there and be a STAR!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paintball bersama Ofis-mate

counter-strike : condition bau derian v0.1

Venue : Dusun Ali King, UIA
Date : 29th July 2008

Heh, kali ni update lain sket. Kita beralih arah ke arah sukan eksterim PAINTBALL. Last wiken, tetiba PM aku meluahkan hasrat untuk melepaskan geram terhadap staff2 yang agak pemalas tetapi dengan cara yang agak tidak keterlaluan. So, dengan selamba, dia menyapa kami suma dengan idea cambest tuh.. penbol.. hahaha.. (aku yang agak terkejut ngan idea itu terus terkedu)..

lokasi peperangan

at last ada gak peluang aku nak pegang senapang tuh.. hahaha.. (sorry la tajul, aku dah join geng penbol.. pasni nak wakil ofis lak.. wakakaka) .. so nak dipendekkan cerit.. aku stuju jer join.. walaupon poket agak kering + habuk pada masa idea enjoy tanpa berduit itu dipersetujui ramai. shit lorh.. uit xde..

rilek2.. palette ni kalo kena x sakit pon.. (abang dalam cubaan menipu!)

so dengan berbekalkan RM65 seorg, 10 pemain penbol tahan lebam berkumpul di Dusun Ali King berdekatan ngan pintu masuk UIA, Gombak. Memulakan aktiviti dengan berifing dari brader yang terer tuh (agak terer + macho gak rambut dia.. weee) pas berifing.. ada yang di antara kami berpeluh2 ketakutan + nak terkucil memikirkan keadaan pallete yang mencecah kulit dan juga tempat2 yang agak sulit. agak2 cuak ngan palette tuh.. aku terus sarung 4 lapis baju + jaket tebal, so aku xrasa sakit.. hahaha

aku da cuak la.. sepol tuh buat2 berani jer..

permainan bermula, aku bersama team 5 budak baru nak belajar memulakan pergerakan di bahagian atas bukit manakala team bos aku berada di bawah.. peperangan bermula, dan aku.. sempoi.. takat lepak kat bunker + tembak - tembak semata2 nak abiskan 200 peluru yang dibayar ngan RM65.. hahaha.. agak ketakutan tetapi enjoy ngan permainan yang tidak ubah seperti police sentri + perang2 bwah umah masa kecik2 dulu..

team azim

team hasnul

sabar mat.. x muat tuh nak nyuruk situ..

team hasnul.. ngah sebok cari aku ler tuh.. :p

hasnul in action.. kewl

bila game dah abis.. puas hati giler.. hanya kerana dpt tmbak pokok + tayar + papan penghalang jer.. tapi ada gak la 2-3 palette yang terlepas kat badan mmber aku.. hahah.. tp still x puas hati sbb x dpt tmbak bos + team leader aku.. wakakaka.. bila lagi kan nak lepas geram.. :p lols.. ada yang mula menyedari, kaki tangan masing2 mula mmbengkak + merah2.. hahaha.. tp aku riang tanpa sebarang kesakitan.. yeay..

epul - kaki terkehel
mizi - dah puas lebam
azim - x puas ati palette da abis
hasnul - xpuas hati gak.. tp x tau nape.. hahahha
hahahha.. aku gak sempoi.. x sakit pape pon

bule main lagi pasni.. syiok.. bwk baju sejuk plak pasni.. xpun tampal besi kat badan.. cam ayen men.. :p

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Banner by mojjoworks

thanks to mojjoworks for his hand job.. (wtf.. sounds like porny!)