Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bersama KLV32S310A

Bosan kesorangan di hari minggu.. tapi puas menonton torrent muvis + bebeloging + berferenster bersama 32' di hari minggu. Jangan jeles.

Menuntun Definitely, Maybe. Sob.. sob.. sob..

A Day with Fish!

Heyyo!! just change a new tyre this evening. RM95/pc yo for Silverstone!! And for the very first time.. I was there under my fish when they aligning my tyre. Plus, I also got a basic introduction from my respected driver-of-family, brother adeq, mostly about engine, car, suspension, tyre, etc. Then, go to Liew Wah workshop at KJ, try to fix by broken side mirror (got kicked by macibai ah cai nearby Celcom Tower yesterday..) but, I have to accept the fact that, I can't just change the mirror, instead, i need to change the WHOLE side mirror for RM100 plus!! wtf!! just a simple but strong fucking kick action cost me RM100 plus! damn cyclist!! mcb ah cai!! sialaaaaannn!!

Back at home, I just sitting and wondering about burning half of my pay just in a day. wtf!! Back in the workshop, I was thinking about buying a new rims.. and thank GOD... I wasn't really want to do it.. If not.. I already spent 1.5k in a day just for a new rims. Myb next year, after a few months savings, I'll might shoot a new color + a new rims (15' from our legendary MIVEC) + a new tinted (for sure it's all black meh..).. hehe.. btw, it's just a 2nd hand fish.. waht y'all thinking? i'm not really fully loaded for a new Honda Jazz, Myvi's or whatever Toyota's out there.. but I'm proud of what I've today. Thank God again. Alhamdulillah..

The next upcoming threads, we might be talking about SYIDA goin' back to Malaysia!! get yeay!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oil Dilemma


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cik Bedah Tembam

Kali nie post takde kena mengena ngan any event atau pun maki hamun orang. But a thing different.. post mengarut tengah malam.. tuh pon pasal nak cari pasal.. saje2 nak cari mud tido. wtf la.. sok kileje.. wa buleh plak nak blogging memalam ni.. btw.. it has been a long time since we talked about khaleeda that day.. and for those who waiting for her picture.. yall can enjoy it here. dah nak dekat 8 bln da kot.. (uncle anja lupa lar lil k.. haihs.. :p)

now she's big enuf and enjoying crawling all around the house.. to wherever she can.. i know she can! (kalo dibiarkan kat federal hiway.. agak2 sampai ke kat mid? kewl beb.. :p)

last weekend jenguk lil k kat k.jaya.. so far she's doin fine.. bertambah tembam.. geram.. happy and the only one thing yang xbest pasal khaleeda ni.. dia xsuka ngan uncle anja and tok wan dia.. kalo kitorg nak dukung.. berhenti berharap. for sure she'll crying out loud.. asking for her papa or mama to pick her back.. lolz..

ok la.. next time uncle anja borak lagi pasal lil k k.. sudah ngantuk.. mao tido.. insyaAllah.. we'll come to the part where lil k round kl with her new BABY RECARO!! kewl seh!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru : Zairul & Safinaz

Venue : Dewan SMK Chung Tuck, Ipoh
Date : 31st May 2008

Just wanna wish both of you, happy newly weds. May both of you be blessed by Allah and stay together happily ever after.

3 ekor jahanam yang dok sibuk menghuru-harakan majlis org.. huhuh.. kalo nak cerita.. sedih plak bunyi nyer.. tapi apakan daya.. kami bertiga hanya mampu sampai bila majlis dah nak abis.. huhuhu.. buat spoil majlis jer.. lolz.. nie suma apai nyer angkara.. :p

the end.