Friday, August 24, 2007

House is Under Maintenance - Version 1.21

heh.. da lama x update cer pasal projek membaikpulih jamban ruums n hall umah aku..

hehe.. so far.. 2 bilik da siap.. mine and abah's.. so far abah nyer still in decorating phase lagi.. rod x mount lagi.. tilam x tukar lagi..(nak tukar katil kata big boss tuh.. ) ada afew pixs yg shot masa proses arituh.. so next time la kot aku try update.. hee.. wish me luck on finishing the last phase..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Link.. Must Click!

Heh.. Just put a new link ere..
You can click it in 'Links' area..
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

House is Under Maintenance - Version 1.15

Heh.. a new pixs again.. Last Sunday.. went to OU.. bought 4 curtain.. 2 design.. each for one panel window.. (bought with and strongly recommended by Miss S & lovely agreed by Mr. iQbaL)

Brand : Jean Perry
Design : Tab-Top Curtain
Size : Full Length (145 x 225 cm)
Price : RM60 (Discounted : RM48)
Shop : Home's Harmony (Level 2, New Wing + next to Parkson)

Some new pixs.. of my new window..



Currently moving stuff and gonna start painting a next room this week!
(i'm damn slow! wtf!)

Slow ke apa ke.. peduli apa aku?!!

As for today.. 080807..
my new room 100% complete..
a new pixs..

I like it.. so comfy..

So now.. i move my ass to the next room.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

House is Under Maintenance - Version 1.14

Lolz.. ahad lepas.. sebat tikar getah.. n now my room nearly completed.. lolz.. (actuly nak pasang rod.. tp drill bosch tu xckup membantu.. org-org lemah jari jemari cam aku neh..

30 minit dril.. x masuk seinci pon.. pinggang aku plak yg berputar.. shilaker!! aku lemah.. drill pon x ble.. at last.. aku decide.. tggu abg aku dtg drill kan.. lalalala.. )

(wa nyer bro.. ngan aksi yang cool.. singgah sebentar utk menggerudi.. lolz..)

a few pixs of new room.. without furniture.. (still have to wait for drilling to be completed.. malas aku nak jilat abuk2 tuh kalo dah move furniture suma.. haihz.. jilat bontot aku kalo mau coment lebey.. )

siap da satu bilik.. humang aih.. amik satu bulan.. lolz..